Why Choose Carpet Over Hardwood Floors?

21 December 2017
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The debate concerning what type of floor is best for your home can be endless. Each homeowner is different and has a unique taste for their property. However, we can always carry out an objective comparison between various flooring types and present the evidence for homeowners to make more informed decisions.

When it comes to carpet flooring, it has many advantages over hardwood. In addition to its lower cost and higher flexibility, carpeted floors are also much easier to maintain. In fact, working with carpet cleaning services can ensure that your carpeted floors are always looking clean and fresh. Let's explore some of the reasons why you should consider carpet over hardwood.

It is more cost-effective

Carpeted floors cost much less than hardwood. In fact, most homeowners can spend twice as much on hardwood floors as carpeted floors. This is because hardwood comes from non-renewable resources that are limited in supply. They are therefore more costly to manufacturer and install in homes. On the other hand, carpet comes from materials that are readily available and easy to manufacture.

More options to choose from

Carpeted floors can be designed to resemble endless shapes, colours, and appearances. It can fit into any style of home décor that you would like. In fact, many homeowners order carpets that match their furniture, walls and stylistic preferences.

With these customised carpets, all you need to do is have carpet cleaning services come out regularly to keep the carpet clean and tidy. With hardwood floors, the options are more limited based on the original tree that they came from.

Provide stability to furniture

With carpeted floors, you don't have to worry about the floorboards getting scratched. Carpet offers a more stable surface for furniture to settle on and remain in place. The legs of tables, couches and cabinets can sink into the carpet and remain in position regardless of what is on top of them.

With hardwood floors, you need to be careful about moving the items because they can easily scratch the floor or even rip off individual floorboards.

They are less noisy

If your family is the jumpy kind, then carpet floors are the best option for you. Carpet insulates sound much better than hardwood, especially in apartment buildings.

Easier to maintain

Most importantly, carpeted floors are easier to maintain than hardwood. It doesn't require constant polishing and is not easily damaged. In addition, when you have carpet cleaning services regularly give your carpets a touch-up, it will last much longer than you originally expected.