3 Beautiful And Colourful Floor Tile Options To Revamp Your Bathroom

18 April 2018
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After many years of embracing a simple, monochromatic and minimalist look in bathroom design, colour is making a comeback in a big way. Designers are splashing out with bright, bold and decadent colours in every room of the house. This is particularly true in the bathroom, where light and neutral tones held fast even as other rooms began to evolve. If you have a neutral and plain bathroom that needs some brightening up but is too new to replace entirely, then adding a colourful new tiled floor is a great compromise. Read More 

Why Choose Carpet Over Hardwood Floors?

21 December 2017
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The debate concerning what type of floor is best for your home can be endless. Each homeowner is different and has a unique taste for their property. However, we can always carry out an objective comparison between various flooring types and present the evidence for homeowners to make more informed decisions. When it comes to carpet flooring, it has many advantages over hardwood. In addition to its lower cost and higher flexibility, carpeted floors are also much easier to maintain. Read More 

4 Things to Consider Before Installing Hardwood Flooring

21 November 2017
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Hardwood floors combine both beauty and warmth and are a good option for anyone who wants a floor that will last for a long time. However, not just any hardwood flooring will be suitable for every situation. Below are some considerations you will have to make before investing in hardwood floor installation.  The type of hardwood floor There are many types of hardwood floors on the market today. The two main options are solid or engineered hardwoods. Read More 

Blackbutt decking

14 November 2017
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How to Prolong the Life of Blackbutt Decking Are you planning to build a deck using unseasoned Blackbutt timber? Below are some of the measures that you can take to get the longest life possible from your blackbutt decking. Proper Storage It is normally advisable to store any timber for some time at the installation site before using it. Such storage allows the timber to adjust to the ambient conditions in the location where it will be used. Read More 

Considering Solid Wood Floors? Learn About Their Pros and Cons

18 August 2017
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Timber flooring remains one of the favourite flooring solutions for Australians mainly because of the classic appeal they inject into any space. This high demand for wood flooring has led to the development of a myriad of timber profiles to choose from, depending on your style and preferences. One of the profiles that are popular is solid wood floors. Solid wood floors may be the oldest timber flooring profile that you could opt for, but they stay relevant due to their uniqueness. Read More