4 Top Facts about Floor Trusses for Residential Floor Framing

13 July 2018
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The structural significance of floor systems cannot be overstated as people often notice when there are issues with floors, such as loose floorboards. A floor system not only supports occupants, but it also helps in resisting lateral weight exerted by flood or wind forces. Notably, a formidable floor system made of trusses transfers such loads to walls (in a multi-storey building) or the foundation. Furthermore, floor trusses avert torsion racking of the structure, which contributes to the integrity of the building. Read More 

3 Beautiful Materials To Choose For Sustainable Flooring In Your Home

22 May 2018
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Creating a sustainable home is an increasingly important consideration for Australian homeowners. A sustainable home is one that limits its impact on the environment through energy consumption and the use of resources. If you're renovating your home, then making sure that any modifications and improvements you make increase your home's sustainability is vital. Flooring is a major component of most home renovation projects and your choice of material can have a big impact on the green credentials of your home. Read More 

3 Beautiful And Colourful Floor Tile Options To Revamp Your Bathroom

18 April 2018
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After many years of embracing a simple, monochromatic and minimalist look in bathroom design, colour is making a comeback in a big way. Designers are splashing out with bright, bold and decadent colours in every room of the house. This is particularly true in the bathroom, where light and neutral tones held fast even as other rooms began to evolve. If you have a neutral and plain bathroom that needs some brightening up but is too new to replace entirely, then adding a colourful new tiled floor is a great compromise. Read More