3 Beautiful And Colourful Floor Tile Options To Revamp Your Bathroom

18 April 2018
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After many years of embracing a simple, monochromatic and minimalist look in bathroom design, colour is making a comeback in a big way. Designers are splashing out with bright, bold and decadent colours in every room of the house. This is particularly true in the bathroom, where light and neutral tones held fast even as other rooms began to evolve.

If you have a neutral and plain bathroom that needs some brightening up but is too new to replace entirely, then adding a colourful new tiled floor is a great compromise. It's a way to add a contemporary feel while retaining the bright and spacious feel of a light palette in the rest of the room.

If this sounds like a great plan for your bathroom, then here are three beautiful, decorative and bold tiling options that you might like to try.

1. Mosaic tiles

For many people, mosaic tiles have never really gone out of fashion. There's something timeless and exotic about the bohemian mix of small, colourful glazed tiles that has broad and enduring appeal. Interior designers have given them a formal renaissance and they're increasingly appearing in contemporary homes.

While a random, multicoloured pattern of small, square tiles is still a popular look, modern mosaics take the idea a step further. Tiles with brightly coloured Moroccan style geometric patterns are a beautiful and decorative way to use mosaic tiles for your bathroom floor.

2. Fishtail tiles

Also known as scallop tiles, fishtail tiles are a huge trend in bathroom design right now. These small tiles are almost semi-circle in shape and are designed to fit together to form a pattern that resembles fish scales. It's a tile look that's whimsical and has a pleasing geometric symmetry.

Fishtail tiles are high-gloss and often have an almost iridescent glaze. The fish scale effect is amplified by the subtle colour variations of each tile, giving it a shimmering and animated look. If you like a more subdued effect, opt for soft pink, peach or mint green tiles. If you'd like to be bolder, rich, deep blues, greens and aquamarine tiles look incredible.

3. Mismatched patterned tiles

If you like an eclectic and highly decorative look, then the mismatched patterned tile trend might be the right choice for you. This trend involves using tiles with a variety of different, ornate designs to create a patchwork effect on your bathroom floor.

There are no hard and fast rules about which tiles to mix and match, although you'll get a more cohesive result if you select tiles that are the same size. Many people also choose tiles that use the same colour although using slightly lighter and darker tones of the same base colour on different tiles can also look amazing.