Considering Solid Wood Floors? Learn About Their Pros and Cons

18 August 2017
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Timber flooring remains one of the favourite flooring solutions for Australians mainly because of the classic appeal they inject into any space. This high demand for wood flooring has led to the development of a myriad of timber profiles to choose from, depending on your style and preferences. One of the profiles that are popular is solid wood floors. Solid wood floors may be the oldest timber flooring profile that you could opt for, but they stay relevant due to their uniqueness. If you are considering solid wood floors for your home, below are some of the advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Advantages of solid wood floors

Solid wood flooring is attractive

One of the primary selling points of this type of timber flooring is their outstanding appearance. Since the boards of the solid wood flooring are derived from individual pieces of natural timber, you can be assured your flooring will have its individual colour hue and grain. Moreover, the wood used is selected from specific parts of the tree to ensure maximum uniformity. Homeowners that are looking for flawless flooring solutions for their home that will make an elegant statement in their residence would be satisfied with solid wood floors. 

Solid wood flooring provides longevity

Another of the pros of choosing solid wood floors for your home is their innate longevity. These floors are usually manufactured using hardwood, so it is not surprising to find that some solid wood floors may even outlast the homeowners! If your solid timber floors acquire cosmetic damages in the form of dents, scuffs and more, you can easily have them restored by sanding away the imperfections. Thus, these solid timber floors are ideal for areas that experience heavy traffic such as the living room. It should be noted that since these floors are built to last, they would make a better investment for people who own their residence rather than those who are renting their premises.

Disadvantages of solid wood floors

Solid wood flooring is susceptible to water damage

The main risk to your solid wood flooring would be constant exposure to moisture. Since the boards are wide, any expansion caused by water absorption could severely compromise their structural integrity. Solid wood floors should never be installed in areas such as kitchen and bathroom as they will steadily warp over time. Moreover, if you reside in a highly humid area, you would be advised to invest in a dehumidifier to protect your solid timber floors.